Another Gates

Once i write this year, i already a sophomore, a member of geophysical association in my campus, and a student stormed by midterm tests.

So yesterday, i was applying myself to SLB's Vacation Training. It is quite a rush that the test was held only in one day. There, i found out that the work enviroment was much more difficult than the actual imagination of mine. I think that life in the university was already hard, but i was wrong, totally wrong. Having a 24/7 jobs, getting called in the middle of your sleep, or not even sleep maybe? Away from family for years?

But well that's life. It is something you have to face when you are working as a field engineer. I found out that MAYBE there are some parts from the initiation process that will benefit us for the working enviroment. Well the most important thing is push the limits, it was kinda summarize all i need in every condition.

Anyway, i was very grateful that i already passed the previous stages of the test and come until this far. I already got the experience of how people are going to be recruited when they are applying for jobs. Whatever the result, i already feel blessed until now. Alhamdulillahirabbil'alamin


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